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For an affordable and sophisticated lifestyle

Merida, Yucatan, Mexico is becoming a charming home to an ever increasing number of gay couples in search of a tranquil place in the sun to call home. While not an outwardly gay destination, Merida offers a welcoming, secure, and comfortable open lifestyle to the many gay expatriates who are attracted to this tropical Spanish colonial city.

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With its European inspired colonial architecture, parks and gardens, proximity to tropical forests and beaches, this city offers a rich and surprisingly sophisticated lifestyle. In fact Merida has been voted Cultural Capital of the Americas in 2000 and 2006 due to the many cultural events that are held on a weekly basis throughout the city. Concerts are held in the various parks and squares on an almost nightly basis...and the streets of the historical center make a lovely place for an evening stroll.

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The local residents, while reserved, are friendly and welcoming to the influx of gay Americans, Europeans and Canadians who have opened restaurants, hotels, bars, and shops throughout the city. In fact the city is now home to some very sophisticated and stylish gay owned restaurants and bars in which you can always find a good percentage of gay clientèle. And a number of gay owned hotels and bed & breakfasts have recently opened ranging from rustic to luxury.

With it beautiful colonial architecture many gay couples are finding that they can finally have their dream home at a price that they can afford. Prices here are amazingly inexpensive and you can purchase a charming colonial home with courtyard and pool for the price of a one bedroom apartment back home. In fact few cities in the Americas have architecture that can rival that of Merida. Many of the real estate agencies and architectural firms are gay owned and all are gay friendly. Designer furniture and antique shops and appearing to the demands of this new clientèle. Merida design runs from Colonial Classics to contemporary.

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State of the art medical care is excellent and affordable in this city and many dentists, doctors and plastic surgeons speak English. The climate is tropical yet without a particular rainy season.

As Merida is home to a number of Universities and colleges it has a large student population and with that a few lively gay bars on the edge of the city. However gay life can also be found in extensive social circles that frequent the bars, restaurants and theaters of the city. There are various social clubs, and while non are considered to be exclusively gay, you will find a number of gay members. The gay population in Merida is warmly welcomed into the general population and in fact is considered to have instigated the rebirth of the historical center of the city.

For a gay couple in search of a high quality lifestyle, in a lovely location at bargain prices, Merida could be the place to call home.

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